Ironman Kansas 70.3 — My First Half Ironman

Even worse, we walk the mile from the bike to run transition down to the swim to run transition to see the water and check in my bike and I see white caps on the water. For those who don’t know, white caps are large waves, large enough to make the water turn white as it churns. Now, I’m absolutely horrified.

Our hearts go out to a family friend whose son was involved in a fatal crash; accidents make victims of us all.

As we know the details, it appears that the friend’s son was driving the vehicle which hydroplaned, flipped over and then was struck by other cars.

Dragonfly Triathlon 2009

    To say that I was a little nervous about this race is to say that the Sun is a little light in the sky. I began to get anxious on the Wednesday before the race. Of course, being fresh from the memory of the problems and anxiety associated with the swim in the […]

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