I like to tell people that I am on career number three...

I didn't start out as one of those individuals who always knew that he wanted to be an attorney.  Instead, I was led to this career.  Originally, I wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force. 

I went to undergraduate school on an Air Force scholarship and completed their flight screening program.  I even learned how to fly one of their trainers.  But because of a reduction in force, I left the Air Force before I could go to undergraduate pilot training.  At that point, I fell back on my engineering degree. 

I obtained a job as a civil engineer doing structural design.  But I felt that this was not the work that I wanted to do.  Ultimately, I decided to quit my job and go back to school.  A chance conversation (or maybe it was not so much chance as I think)

Quick Bio:

Originally From Memphis, TN

High School: Fairley

College: Tennessee State University - B.S., Civil Engineering

Law School: Vanderbilt University School of Law - J.D.

with a relative changed my plans from going back to graduate
school and obtaining a master's degree to one of going to law school. 

Now, over 18 years later after that fateful decision, I like to tell people that the rest is history.

As a result of my background, I tend to handle more complex and complicated matters such as products liability cases with controversial science involved.  But, as with every attorney, I also handle many routine matters as well as simple contracts and car accidents.  From workers' compensation cases to breach of contract issues to trademark infringement and environmental claims, I have handled matters of a varied kind over the years.