Quick Bio:

Athletic Interests:

  1.   Running

  2.   Basketball

  3.   Swimming


  1.   5k Run

  2.   1/2 Marathon

  3.   Marathon

  4.   Ultra Marathon

  5.   Triathlon


  1.   Complete a “Sub-5” marathon

  2. Remove “Ultra Marathon” from   my vocabulary

  3. Complete 1/2 “Ironman” triathlon by 2013

licensed in Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi

I guess that I have always been a runner even though you would never know it. 

One fateful day in 1999, I finally decided to step up to the plate.  I decided not to bite off a 5k race, but an entire marathon.  My millennium goal was to run a marathon by the end of the year, i.e., by the end of 2000. 

Since I played basketball at the local YMCA everyday during lunch, I was familiar with the runners who I would see in the locker room.  One day, I just asked one of them, "If I wanted to run a marathon by the end of the year, what would you suggest I do."  The response was to pick up a copy of Jeff Galloway's Book on Running.  Which I did.

The book was right on the mark.  In eight weeks, exactly, I went from running only half a mile to running 8 miles during my long run and two miles during my daily week day runs.  Then, I got a flyer on my car saying that Jeff Galloway was coming to town and I could meet him.  So, I went to the meeting.  It turned out that John Bingham was there and not Jeff Galloway.  I joined the group that day and ultimately, ran the entire marathon distance with the group before my first marathon.  I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in October of 2000 and accomplished my goal.  I have been running marathons ever since.

My goal had been to runner further and further, and I did until one fateful day. While running a 5k a week before a marathon, I hurt my knee.  I was able to rest all week and then run for a Personal Record (PR)—after the marathon, however, I found that I couldn't run more than 4 or 5 miles before my knee swelled.  I reluctantly went to the doctor who predictably told me that I had arthritis in my knees and I should stop running as much as I was doing.  I should consider running only one marathon per year and that ultra marathons should no longer be in my vocabulary. 

I was shocked and hurt.  But, I wasn't defeated.  Since I starting running, I had seen and heard of many triathletes.  I wanted to try that myself.  So, I headed to the pool to get my swimming up to par.  I got into the masters swim class and quickly realized I could run 25 miles, but I couldn't swim 25 yards without stopping and huffing and puffing for a few hours.


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I stopped swimming with the master swim class and started on my own.  The swim coach at the pool offered to help for free.  I took him up on that offer and within 6 months, I was standing in the water about to race my first one mile swim—the Memphis Mile.  After completing the mile, I then did my first triathlon at the Rebel Man Triathlon.  I did that without ever training on the bike at all.

Now, I'm a novice triathlete and it will be from this point of view that I write some of my logs as I bumble through the training and learning experience.  I invite each of you reading this to join me as I make this journey on my way to completing in a half Ironman within the next 5 years.